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Sacha Santillana(加拿大)

Sacha Santillana(Canadian)

姓名:Sacha Santillana

国籍:Canada 加拿大

职业:Freelancer 独立创作人

兴趣爱好: cigars雪茄、whiskey beer威士忌、wine红酒、motorcycles骑摩托车

创作大方向: Waste Materials Re-design 废旧材质再创作

活跃的组织或社群:Designs by Sacha

更多个人信息 :暂无




My current medium is re purposing items that I upcycle. I try to use classic materials like wood, metal and often old or antique pieces mixed in to my final design.


I like to think of it as Class-Shiek. I like my designs to have a weathered look to show they have been around, beaten up. This lets you know the piece that stands before you has a story to tell, perhaps a historical story.


I always try to leave some element of my work ruff, so that it isn't completely perfect looking, it can't be to perfect because then it doesn't seam real, it feels to contrived also.


If I get a request to make a duplicate piece then no 2 items are alike as they will contain their own ruff weathered unique elements as each piece in the design tells its own story.

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