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Roger Mu(美国)


姓名: Roger Mu

国籍: U.S.A 美国

职业:Own Company in Shanghai上海自贸区自有公司

兴趣爱好:Eating 吃、Cooking烹饪

创作大方向:Bio Hacking生化、Urban Farming城市农耕

活跃的组织或社群:Xinchejian新车间(上海)、Naked Hub裸心社(上海)、Make For Kids小小创客(上海)

更多个人信息: 暂无链接


  • Roger is the Founder and CEO of Farmonize and has been involved in urban farming in Shanghai since 2009, starting first by building his own hydroponics and aquaponics systems and moving more recently into sustainable soil-based farming by partnering with local farmers
  • Roger是Farmonize的创始人,从2009年起一直在上海从事城市农耕。他由建造自己的水耕和鱼菜共生系统开始,现在更多地与当地农民一起进行基于可持续土壤的新农业。
  • As early as 2012, Roger began selling hydroponic equipment and supplies in Shanghai, and in 2013 was hired by an international hydroponics equipment factory to work as sales and marketing manager
  • 最早从2012年开始,Roger有销售水耕系统的装备并在上海提供后续服务。2013年,他受雇于一家国际水耕装备厂作为市场经理。
  • Roger is also a staff member of Xinchejian, China’s first hackerspace, and has been actively promoting urban farming there since 2012 through live projects hosted in the space, workshops, and more recently, the Urban Farming Program.
  • Roger也是国内第一个创客空间“新车间”的核心成员之一,且从2012年以来一直通过在这个创客空间举办工作坊、开展城市农耕项目等方式,热情地推广着城市农耕。
  • Roger has been featured in publications such as Bloomberg, China Daily, City Weekend and Global Business 
  • Roger也作为代表多次被各路媒体报道,包括彭博资讯(美国一家传媒公司)、中国日报、城市周末和全球商业经典。
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