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Rodolfo Cossovich(阿根廷)


姓名Name: Rodolfo Cossovich

国籍Nationality: Argentina阿根廷

职业Occupation:Adjunct Assistant Arts Professor of Interactive Media Arts, New York University Shanghai 上海纽约大学 交互媒体专业 助理艺术教授

兴趣爱好Hobby:Building robots & electrical vehicles 组建机器人和电动汽车、Painting画画、Kung Fu & Tai chi chuan 功夫和太极拳

创作大方向Major Field:Electronics Engineer specialized in Telecommunications 电子通讯工程师

活跃的组织或社群:Xinchejian新车间(上海Shanghai)、Make For Kids小小创客(上海Shanghai)

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- RudyBike (2011) 鲁迪单车

A high performance electrical vehicle controlled by a smart phone.


More info:

- Multiplo (2012)

An open source robotic building system.


More info:

- Plobot (2015)

A toy that teaches coding to kids before they can read.


More info:

- Koding Kreators (2016)

An educational startup that runs summer camps and after school activities.


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