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JACKbDU.--Minus E the Drawing Robot【2017科博会静安】



绘图机器人Minus E


Jack B. Du’s early work primarily focuses on remaking classic games and prototyping hardware. His study away experience in New York and Abu Dhabi has drawn his interest to art and his work shifts more to the art side, but he also works on projects that combine technology and art. Minus E, for instance, is a drawing robot that he built to create large-scale drawings based a few parameters he defines.

杜佳东早期的作品包括经典游戏的重新编写和硬件原型的设计。他在纽约和阿布扎比的留学经历让他对艺术产生了极大的兴趣,他的作品也逐渐转为艺术创作。与此同时,他也在尝试结合科技与艺术,比如 Minus E 就是他设计的一个根据他所限定的参数来画画的机器人。


姓名:杜佳东 Jack B. Du

国籍:中国 China

职业:上海纽约大学交互媒体艺术副研究员 Interactive Media Arts Associate Fellow at New York University Shanghai

兴趣爱好:摄影 Photography

创作大方向:交互艺术,视觉艺术,机器艺术 Interactive Art, Visual Art, Machine Art

活跃的组织或社群:上海纽约大学交互媒体艺术 Interactive Media Arts at New York University Shanghai



Jack B. Du graduated from New York University Shanghai, as part of the inaugural class, where he double majored in Computer Science and Interactive Media Arts with a minor in Studio Art.


Jack developed a strong interest in technology at a very young age and he rediscovered his childhood passion about fine art during his one-year study in New York. He studied Visual Arts at New York University Abu Dhabi for the following semester and decided to pursue a career in the combination of technology and fine art thereafter.



Joy Mouse is a device he built that enables people with cerebral palsy to control a computer with a single joystick. As an entry to 2014 HackShanghai ( finished within 24 hours, it won the Second Best Hardware Hack.


Minus E is a drawing robot developed as part of his capstone project for Interactive Media Arts at New York University Shanghai. Its works won the fifth place in 2017 Robot Art Competition (

Minus E 是一个画画机器人,是他在上海纽约大学交互媒体艺术的毕业设计。它的作品在2017年机器人艺术大赛(中被评为第五名。

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