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我能生产I Can Manufacture!

Hi Manufacturers,

你好 生产商们,

This is our online Hackers/Makers Community. We really want to find suitable Manufacturers for our designs and grow together. If you are the one, please send us an email with the following informations.


1)A Picture of your Factory(Logo or gate or proscenium)一张厂的照片(标志或者大门或者前台的照片)

2)Full Name of the Manufacture 生产商全名

3)The exact address 具体厂址

4)Affiliated Unit(if there is) 上级主管单位(如有)

5)Manufacture website(If there is) 生产商网站网址(如有)

6)Introduction of Manufacture 生产商介绍

7)Product Type 可生产的产品类型

8)Acceptable Minimum Quantity 可接单的最少数量

9)Manufacturing Expenses 生产加工报价

10)Acceptable Payment Method and Period 可接受的付费方式与周期

11)Contact person 联系人

12)Contact Information 联系方式

13) Pictures of the Factory 工厂的一些照片

14)Supplementary Instruction其他补充说明

Please send an email with a word doc. and attach the pictures to

The title of the email should be

I Can Manufacture!



Our back-stage manager will update Manufacture information to our system.

More questions please email, theme should be QUESTIONS.


更多问题请邮件至 主题标明:问题





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