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Clément Renaud(法国)

Clément Renaud(France)

姓名:Clément Renaud

国籍:France 法国

职业:Researcher 研究员、Artist艺术家、Writer作家

兴趣爱好: 美食 Cate

创作大方向: 社交网络分析social network analysis,数据可视化data visualization

活跃的组织或社群:Make For Kids小小创客(上海Shanghai)

更多信息 :

主要经历 Main Experience:

Clément Renaud is a French researcher, artist and writer specialized in social network analysis and data visualization. After living in China for several years, he is now basd in Lyon, France.


His works evolves from the practice of fine arts, social sciences and creative coding. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, he has founded several international initiatives related to urban, visual and digital cultures.


He holds a doctorate in Management of Information Systems from Telecom Paris-Tech, EDITE de Paris (ED130, Informatique, Télécommunications et Electronique).


Associate researcher at the Paris i3(Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation)

Associate researcher at Centre Norbert Elias (EHESS)

Qualified assistant professor in French National Center for Scientific Research section 39 (Urban Geography)

是巴黎i3(跨学科创新研究所) 中心副研究员

诺伯特•伊莱亚斯(EHESS) 中心的副研究员

法国国家科学研究中心 39部(城市地理) 助理教授

The project about makers in China :


The official presentation of the research project "OPen Innovation : Models and Places in Urban China" on the website of the French Research Ministry :


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