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Benjamin Bacon(美国)

Benjamin Bacon(America)

姓名Name: Benjamin Bacon 白培耕

国籍Nationality: U.S.A 美国

职业Occupation:co-founder of Dogma Lab

兴趣爱好Hobby:Music 音乐

创作大方向Major Field:Interactive Media交互媒体

活跃的组织或社群:Dogma Lab(上海Shanghai)

更多个人信息More Info. Link:

主要经历Main Experience:

Benjamin Bacon is the co-founder of Dogma Lab, a cross-disciplinary media and design studio based in Shanghai, China. Dogma Lab is dedicated to creating a platform that integrates design, research, education and production with the areas of computation, media, biology, and digital fabrication.

白培耕是Dogma Lab的创始人之一,Dogma Lab是位于上海的一个跨学科媒体设计工作室。Dogma Lab致力于创建一个集设计、研究、教育和生产为一体的创作平台,其中会涉及到有关电脑、媒体、生物以及数字信息等。

He is formerly an Assistant Professor of Art in the Interactive Media Arts program at New York University Shanghai, an Assistant Professor of Computational and Media Design in the Design + Technology program at Parsons The New School for Design and the former Director of the undergraduate Design + Technology program at Parsons The New School for Design.


He was the co-founder of RAWR!, a design incubator and rapid prototyping collaboration lab located in Caochangdi (Beijing), China. RAWR! Labs was the Event and Production partner for Beijing Design Week Caochangdi (BJDW CCD) in 2012. In 2013 Bacon left RAWR! Labs to start Dogma Lab.

白培耕是RAWR(位于北京草场地位于北京草场地的快速原型设计与创作协作实验室)的创始人之一。RAWA!实验室是2012年北京草场地设计周的重要项目和产品合作伙伴。2013年白培耕离开RAWA!创立了Dogma Lab。

He was also a visiting researcher at Nokia Research Center in Beijing, China (2011/2012), and has been implementing digital and game design curriculums (Activate!) at Dandelion Middle School, Renmin High School and The New Media Technical High School in Beijing with support from the AMD Foundation. He was the former Information Technology Manager at Parsons Institute of Information Mapping (PIIM).

他还是北京诺基亚研究中心的一名访问研究人员,曾经在AMD Foundation的支持下,于北京蒲公英中学、北京人大附中和新媒体技术高中开设数字和游戏设计课程。他还担任过PIIM的信息技术经理。

Benjamin’s creative practice and research focuses on the intersection of new human interface, visual stimulus, technology, media, mobility, information and sound design. He has lectured, performed and exhibited at a variety of institutions, exhibitions, events and conferences.


In 2013, he was one of several jurors at SGDA - GDC, one of the most prestigious design awards in China. In 2014, he was chosen to be a mentor and judge at the 1st Annual US-China Young Maker Competition sponsored by the US State Department and the Chinese Ministry of Education and was one of the keynote speakers for the First Tsinghua University Makers Day.


He has a BA in Cinema Studies and Political Science from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons The New School for Design.


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