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Ariel Waldman(美国)

Ariel Waldman (America)

姓名Name: Ariel Waldman

国籍Nationality: U.S.A 美国

职业Occupation:Council member of NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts(NIAC)美国国家宇航局创新高级计划委员会委员、 Global director of Science Hack Day科普创客日全球发起人、Founder of Spacehack.org太空创客计划发起人、Author作家


创作大方向Major Field:Space Hacking太空创客、Hacking Events Organizing组织创客活动、Writing写作

活跃的组织或社群:NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts(NIAC)美国国家宇航局创新高级计划委员会(U.S.A 美国)、Science Hack Day科普创客日(U.S.A 美国)、Spacehack.org太空创客计划(U.S.A 美国)、Make For Kids小小创客(Shanghai上海)

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主要经历Main Experience:

Ariel is the founder of, a directory of ways to participate in space explora-tion, and the global director of Science Hack Day, a 20-countries-and-growing grass-roots endeavor to make things with science. She is the author of What's It Like in Space? a collection of stories from astronauts (2016).

Ariel Waldman是“太空骇客”的创始人,“太空骇客”被认为是参与太空探索项目的目录。她还是科普创客日的全球总策划,科普创客日是一个在全世界有20多个国家由基层参与的科普活动。她还是宇航员故事集《外太空的故事》的作者。

Ariel Waldman makes "massively multiplayer science", instigating unusual collabora- tions that spark clever creations for science and space exploration.


Ariel is the co-author of a congressionally-requested National Academy of Sciences study on the future of human spaceflight.


She sits on the council for NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC), a program that nurtures radical, sci-fi-esque ideas that could transform future space missions.


Ariel originally grew up in Kansas where she attended art school at the Kansas City Art Institute. Never having anticipated that she would one day stumble into a gig at NASA,her mission is now to enlighten others on how anyone can actively contribute to the furthering of science and space exploration in clever new ways.



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