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Ricky Ng-Adam(Canadian)

姓名:Ricky Ng-Adam (伍思力)


职业:Software Developer软件工程师

兴趣爱好:Underwater Hockey潜水曲棍球

创作大方向:Software软件、Programming编程、Robotics Hardware智能硬件

活跃的组织或社群:Coderbunker编程堡垒(上海)、Xinchejian新车间(上海)、Make For Kids小小创客(上海)



Ricky Ng-Adam (伍思力) is a nonconformist French-Canadian who came to Shanghai from Montreal, Canada to struggle in learning Chinese.


Ricky is the founder of Coderbunker. Coderbunker is an international community that helps talented developers grow into successful freelancers with their own personal brand. We connect freelancers to customers by helping customers find the right resource at the right price at the right time. Through our community branding we’ve generated hundreds of such opportunities in the last year. Our vision is to raise the bar for software engineering excellence in China. We are open to any developers who share the same vision as ours.


He is, with the original founder David Li and co-founder Min Lin Hsieh, also the co-founder of Xinchejian, the first Hackerspace in China. In the last few years, he has worked as a tech consultant for many different start-up companies.


XinCheJian was the first public hackerspace in China and officially launched on March 26th 2011 at the Anhua road location, then 1035 Changle Road before finally settling in its current location at 28 YuYuan East Road, building 3 where Ricky still participates as a staff member.


He's always been interested in robotics and Linux, an interest that led him to become the co-founder of the SONIA Autonomous Robot Submarine at his university 12 years ago. He's very proud that the team has since then gone on to win first place at SAUC-E 2012 and International RoboSub Competition 2011.


An ex-Googler, he spent four years as a Software Engineer in Test both at the Mountain headquarters and the Shanghai office where he spent most of his time enjoying the free food.


After leaving Google to work full-time at the hackerspace, he eventually founded his own hardware startup, Lophilo, building a robotics hardware platform using NodeJS in an embedded ARM-based system years (2012) before it was reasonable to do so. That project culminated into a small prototype run of 50 units in a factory.


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