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Lyla Wu(America)

姓名Name:吴迪 Lyla Wu

国籍Nationality:美国 America


兴趣爱好Hobby: Create 创作

创作大方向Major Field:数字设计Digital Design、数字智造Digital Manufacture、创新教育Creative Education、创意设计Creative Design

活跃的组织或社群:Neuni Group(上海Shanghai)

更多信息More Info. Link:

主要经历Main Experience:

Lyla is a Architect, Curator, designer, entrepreneur,educator.

吴迪(Lyla Wu)是一位创客、建筑师、设计师、艺术策展人和教育家。

Lyla started her architecture training in National University of Singapore and finished her degree in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She graduated with top honor from Sounthern California Institute of Architecture and studied under Greg Lynn and attended an exchange program in Die Angewandte in Vienna. She has worked for Greg Lynn Form ( USA), Graft Beijing ( Germany), Aedas ( HongKong), Edge Design Institute( Hong Kong). Her experience spans three continents including countries such as Hong Kong, USA, South Korea, Beijing and Zurich.

曾就读于新加坡国立大学、香港中文大学、南加州建筑学院和维也纳实用美术大学。毕业后供职于香港张志强事务所、凯达环球、美国的格雷戈•林恩(Greg Lynn Form)和德国的格拉夫特(Graft)等知名建筑设计公司。作为一名教育家,目前于同济大学担任客座教授,长期行走在中国数字设计和数字智造的研究及教育的前沿。

In 2015 Lyla founded the Neuni Lab, Neuni lab is a platform connecting digital design, fabrication and innovative materials, the Lab space facilitates prototyping, workshops,events and independent research.

2015年,吴迪在上海创立了创新实验室 Neuni_lab,一个集合数字设计、数字智造、联合办公、创新教育、品牌孵化和商业销售的一体化空间。

In 2016 Lyla collaborate with MateriO in French and established Neuni materiO in Shanghai China. Neuni MateriO is a platform that connects innovative material manufacturers with businesses and independent designers.


Neuni Group is an eco system of companies dedicated to building the future of incubation in China. Established in 2015 in Shanghai – Neuni Group aims to bring design and innovation to a place within reach.

Neuni Group成立于2015年,是一家集设计和创新为一体的创业型公司,这里汇聚了一帮来自世界各地怀抱梦想的年轻人。Neuni Group致力于建立一个将设计与生活完美融合的生态系统,培养和提高设计师的创新能力,最终设计出能够融入市场的产品,真正做到“设计改变生活,创新触手可及”。

Lyla successfully combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing technology to create new products for the market, she expects such combination will yet brings another revolution for the design world.


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