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国籍:中华人民共和国 CHINA

职业:数据科学家 Freelancer--Data Research

兴趣爱好:一切可以品玩的事情 Blablabla...

创作大方向:人工智能 Artificial Intelligence

活跃的组织或社群:波士顿浮云相声社(美国U.S.A)、Make For Kids小小创客(上海Shanghai)

Low cost Real-time PCR system

Project description

This project is aiming at building a low cost Real-time PCR machine. The machine is made of 3 parts: temperature control system, fluorescence detection system and task management. It has the ability of remote control with a WiFi module.

低成本即时检测 PCR 系统

该系统由三部分构成:温度控制、荧光检测以及任务管理。使用者可以通过 wifi 远程操作。

3D Objects in Raspberry Pi controlled by STM32F3DISCOVERY

Project description

Use sensors on the STM32F3DISCOVERY to control the 3D objects in Raspberry. Connection between Raspberry and STM32F3DISCOVERY is UART. Signals from the STM32F3DISCOVERY will directly send to the program running on the Raspberry Pi.

使用 STM32F3DISCOVERY 控制树莓派中的 3D 物体

将 STM32F3DISCOVERY 加速度传感器的信号通过 UART 传送给树莓派以控制树莓派中的 OpenGL 3D 对象。


Project description

A lego made robot with a Raspberry Pi in it. When users scan the QR code and sign up for the GuruDigger website, the machine will show users' programing skills and interests on the screen and print a 'Career Gene Report'. All the information come from data mining. The program running on the Raspberry Pi is written in Python.

由乐高搭建的机器人,核心部分是树莓派。使用者扫描机身上的 QR 码登录目标网址,目标网站服务器会将分析好的使用者信息返回至屏幕并由热敏打印机打印数据报告。

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